Bring a culture of analytics to your organisation and stay ahead of the competition ...


We believe in the “cycle of visual analysis”, when people ask questions, collect data, probe for information, create visuals, discover insights and ask the next question. We can help you initiate a cultural shift that allows large groups within your organisation to adopt visual analytics and create the exploratory journey to turn data into visuals and insights into actions.

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There is gold in your data ...

By the end of this decade, your data will be 20 times bigger, and the number of information sources will continue to multiply. Within this data, there are huge opportunities for your enterprise to build on competitive advantage. We help turn these opportunities into reality and enable you to better extract value out of your data.



Analytics based culture ...

We can help you build and sustain an analytics based culture by investing in the right tools, encourage its usage beyond the C suite, and learn from it to make better data driven decisions on the go. Together, we will probe for commercial insights that are tangible and actionable to help your sales team connect with your customers and better understand their needs, secure more listings or generate better leads.



The right visual sparks the right insights …

We help organisations create nice and clever analytics that allow sales to easily access the information they need, uncover new opportunities and answer customers' questions on the go.

  • Custom-built data visualisations
  • Just-in-time analytics
  • Market gap analysis


There is more ...

We will help you find the data that has substance, and then refine, scrutinise, manage and learn from it to drive future decisions and call to action. We use best-in-class practices and cutting edge technologies for:

  • Natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis
  • Predictive Analysis and data mining
  • Data science and Machine learning